Matcryp을 출제한 '누구'라고 합니닷. 저는 익명. 일단 이 문제 이름처럼 matrix + crypto를 합친 좋은(?)문제죠. 사실 대부분 풀 줄 알았습니다. 일단 코드를 보시죠. import numpy as np f1 = open('flag', 'rb') f2 = open('key', 'rb') flag = [ 0 for _ in range(0, 2) ] key = [ 0 for _ in range(0, 4) ] final = [ [0, 0] for _ in range(0, 22) ] for i in range(0, 22): if i % 2 == 0: for j in [Read More]

RHME3 exploitation(pwnable)

RHME3는 Riscure에서 하드웨어 보안인들을 타겟으로 진행했던 CTF이다. 해당 CTF에 지원해서 3가지의 challenge를 통과하면 하드웨어 보드를 받고 본선대회를 참여할 수 있었다. 여기서는 3가지 challenge 중 pwnable 영역이였던, exploitation을 받아서 의식의 흐름대로 풀어보기로 한다. This binary is running on Analyze it and find a way to compromise the server. You’ll find the flag in the filesystem. main.elf 파일 확인 당연히 elf 파일로 보이는 [Read More]

Reversing Engineering Resources

Reverse Engineering resources A curated list of awesome reversing resources Awesome Reversing Books Courses Practice Hex Editors Binary Format Disassemblers Binary Analysis Bytecode Analysis Import Reconstruction Dynamic Analysis Debugging Mac Decrypt Document Analysis Scripting Android Yara Books Reverse Engineering Books The IDA Pro Book Reverse Engineering for Beginners The Art of Assembly Language Practical Reverse Engineering Reversing: Secrets of Reverse Engineering Practical Malware Analysis Malware Analyst's Cookbook Gray Hat Hacking [Read More]

Awesome Windows Exploitation

Table of Contents Windows stack overflows Windows heap overflows Kernel based Windows overflows Windows Kernel Memory Corruption Return Oriented Programming Windows memory protections Bypassing filter and protections Typical windows exploits Exploit development tutorial series Corelan Team Fuzzysecurity Securitysift Whitehatters Academy TheSprawl Expdev-Kiuhnm Tools Windows stack overflows Stack Base Overflow Articles. Win32 Buffer Overflows (Location, Exploitation and Prevention) - by Dark spyrit [1999] Writing Stack Based Overflows on Windows - by [Read More]